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What Is Dragon City

Dragon City is mobile games. And mochiabc is online educational games, learning games, pc game, mobile games support for Dragon City.

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What Are PlayerID And SessionID

Your PlayerID (UserID) number is the identifier for your account. You can find at settings in game (it is UserID)
Your SessionID is seem like a password temporary that you can load information in Mochi ABC, then Mochi ABC will help you play game easier.
You can read more guide how to get PlayerID and SessionID in here. Remember pick right your mobile device, then you can watch guide suitable for your device.

How to use tool support Mochi ABC for Dragon City

Required: PlayerID And SessionID That introduct above
Fill PlayerID and SessionID to mochiabc, Fill 3 characters of captcha (don't fill mochiabc.com to captcha). Example only: 4fv
Then click button "Load Information". Then you can see your information is loaded

Below is all feature that Mochi ABC support for Gamer Dragon City

Mochi ABC can help you speedup egg in hatchery, speedup breeding, complete video game from server game.
And some feature need more cpu in server game, so you need to purchase used. It maybe Auto, Mod feature.

Game Update

Error & Fixed

  • If you get Error: Invalid Time!, please change time in your machine match.

Update Feature

  • Mar,6,2020: Fixed auto
  • Covert Gold To Food Max 5K
  • Mar 9. 2020: Fixed Get Token By Sign request Facebook
  • Mar 12. 2020: Auto Battle Quests Only For Event
  • Mar 26. 2020: New Event Progressive
  • Apr 6. 2020: Add Auto Arenas
  • Apr 6. 2020: Add Auto DragonTV
  • Apr 11. 2020: Fix Ui Battle Arenas Image
  • Apr 12. 2020: Fix Maze island
  • Apr 12. 2020: Increase reponse time avoid get ban
Version GA 2.15 Apr.4.2020
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