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Event Maze Island

- Maze coin to move node
- You can bypass if you only have less than coin requirement (only next node is chest reward)
- Example Next Node is chest reward, it required 100 coins but you only have 0 coin, you still bypass to next node.
- Note:(If you have coin > coin required MochiABC still spend coin) Example if Next Node required 100 coins you have 200 coins, MochiABC still spend 100coins to next node.


Spring Maze Island details are here!
Collect maze coins every 6 hours by playing.
Finish a dragons path to unlock it.
See how many coins are needed for each dragon
Collect coins every 8 hours


Collecting Maze Coins
When playing Dragon City during the Maze event period, you will be able to collect 600 Maze Coins every 8 hours. This is done by collecting gold, collecting food, feeding your dragons and breeding dragons. You will see a maze icon pop out after every action. Those coins will stop appearing once you've collected your 600 Maze Coins. To get more coins for the Maze island you will have to wait for the next collection window.

Dragon Paths

You can use this guide to plan which dragons you want to collect!
Each dragon has its own path to follow before you unlock it
Clicking on any dragon will show you two things, how many keys you need to collect before you unlock the dragons path and what the details of that dragons path are. Be careful that battles are sometimes the last step of a dragons path - and take time to complete. If you choose to fight, then you can subtract the Maze coins from that dragons overall maze path cost.

Delayed Dragons

Be wary that some dragons get activated later in the event. if you spend too many maze coins early, these dragons could surprise you
In this guide we detail ALL dragons upcoming, so you can plan.
Just know that some of them may not be visible at the start of the event
How to spend coins
The best strategy is wait until you have enough coins for the Dragons you want and factor in the amount of time battles will take
then start unlocking the dragons you want

Also note that other events happening at the same time, may require some of these dragons for participating - like Temporary Quests, Dragon Rescue events etc.